I am an Equity Partner within True Potential. Born 64, raised on Isle of Wight, I now live in Arundel, West Sussex but I have also had the opportunity of working in London, Kent & Somerset. Married to Nikki with 2 children Josh (91) and Mimi (96).

I joined Financial Services in 1987. I have realised that because of the technological world we live in, the landscape for Advisers is changing and is changing very fast. I do believe that within the next year Advisers will need to get themselves settled into a comfortable environment. The choice of partner is crucial when working with the Adviser/Firm in terms of a Back Office, integrated compliance and platform systems.

As a Partner of True Potential I combine a rich background of FS sales experience with the ability to identify modern trends and relate to the objectives of today’s Adviser.

I enjoy making a positive difference in the lives of the Adviser’s I work with.

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